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Stuart Peck is a freelance writer and video producer who specializes in outdoor, travel, corporate and commercial messaging and branding.  He has written for national magazines, video copy for healthcare and other corporate videos.  He also provides production support for commercials and TV shows.  

2012 in pictures

I thought about writing some long post about how 2012 was... but really who cares?  Instead here are some pictures from some of my trips this past year.  I was able to complete my resolution to hike 100 trail miles... in fact I surpassed it, coming in at 110 miles. We took several trips to the Red River Gorge and other climbing spots and completed a couple routes that have beat me down in the past.

Here are pictures from just a few of the trips last year: Land Between the Lakes - Kentucky, Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona, Shawnee National Forest - Illinois.

I'm already in the planning stages for several great trips in 2013.  Details coming later on the blog! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful new year!  Get out in 2013, enjoy life, leave the stress at home and try not to get attacked by a bear.