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Prep done. Let the hiking begin!

It's been a long road of preparation that started in December of last year when Meg and I decided we were going to backpack in the Grand Canyon.  Permits were submitted January 1 and we waited until almost the end of January before our confirmation arrived.  That's when the real preparation began and it ended May 4 when I zipped up my suitcase.  Inside, four months of planning; all the food, equipment and supplies needed to camp for five days in the canyon.  

Temperatures are looking good for May in the desert of northern Arizona.  On the south rim highs will be in the mid 60's with overnight lows in the low 30's.  At the bottom, highs will climb to the mid to high 80's with lows around 60 degrees.  

I'll try and keep everybody updated but naturally there will come a time when cell phones no longer have a signal... and for that I am thankful!  It's always nice to switch of the phone and put it away for a few days and not worry about email, facebook or twitter.  

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As soon as I can I'll post pictures and let everyone know if we survived!