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Stuart Peck is a freelance writer and video producer who specializes in outdoor, travel, corporate and commercial messaging and branding.  He has written for national magazines, video copy for healthcare and other corporate videos.  He also provides production support for commercials and TV shows.  

"Rocktober Fest" - Red River Gorge, Kentucky

These pictures were taken in October at the annual Rocktober Fest hosted by the Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition.  The gorge is a Mecca for rock climbers.  Every year during the fall, hundreds of climbers make the pilgrimage to RRG to climb in the crisp, cool fall weather.  As a climber you meet people from all over the country and in some cases other parts of the world.  The "Red" has to be a destination for any climber and is seen as some of the world's best sport climbing.  These shots were taken with my Canon 40 D and most were taken with my 70 - 200mm telephoto lens.  When shooting climbing you want to zoom in tight get the details in their face and the action.  If you zoom out too wide, then you get the all too classic "butt shot" or tiny dot on the big wall while you're looking up from the bottom of the route.