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Stuart Peck is a freelance writer and video producer who specializes in outdoor, travel, corporate and commercial messaging and branding.  He has written for national magazines, video copy for healthcare and other corporate videos.  He also provides production support for commercials and TV shows.  

Sheltowee Trip Report - 3: Post Hike

I think it goes without saying but I am awful with keeping up with a blog, I'll just go ahead and throw that out there.  It has been about a month since we got off the trail from our 33... er 40 mile hike on the Sheltowee Trace through the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Red River Gorge region.  It was really a great trip and the trail was well maintained and well marked most of the way.  I definitely recommend the hike and there are portions I want to go back and explore more, especially in the RRG area. 

I'll keep this post short and let the pictures tell most of the story since I've got massive amounts of wedding related stuff to take care.  Right now I'm in the writing and editing process for the Backpacker magazine article.  If all goes as planned it is scheduled to be published in the August edition of the magazine. 

Also, working on a some exciting plans for a website with Clinton Lewis, a photographer, outdoor stud and fellow climber/backpacker from Bowling Green.  The planning is still in the beginning stages and when we start to nail down details I'll share them. 

Enjoy the pictures!