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DoubleNest Hammock - ENO

Eagle's Nest Outfitters (ENO) has really become the industry standard when it comes to camping and backpacking hammocks.  The DoubleNest Hammock ($69.95) is one of their larger hammocks with the capability of fitting more than one person and holding a weight capacity of 400 pounds.  These hammocks unpack and can be assembled in seconds when you're ready to take a break from the trail, cooking dinner, after finishing a climbing route or whatever it is you're doing outside.  

I'm not the only one who enjoys a sunny afternoon in the hammock.  

I own this hammock and keep it readily available even when not camping, hiking or climbing.  I use mine on my deck and makes for a nice spot to relax and take in a magazine.  

There are only two concerns I have with this hammock.  First, it doesn't include straps to hang it with.  If you're a first time ENO buyer, you'll need to make an additional purchase of a set of straps before you're ready to hang this thing in the wild.  I learned this the hard way when I pulled it out for the first time on a climbing trip.  Luckily I had some spare webbing that sufficed for straps and went all MacGyver rigging the hammock.  ENO sells several options for straps ranging in price from $19.95 up to 29.95.  My second concern and really this is more of a personal preference is the weight of the hammock.  I don't consider myself an ultralight backpacker by any means, but I do try and stay weight conscience.  Weighing in at 20 oz, this hammock adds slightly more heft than I'm willing to carry on a backpacking trip.  Some might disagree and if this is your bedding in place of a sleeping bag, I could certainly see the justification.  However, if you're carrying this piece just for a little creature comfort you may want to go with their Pronest Hammock with only weighs 13 oz.    

In conclusion.  The DoubleNest Hammock is a great piece of gear for car camping, hanging out at the crag or just snoozing on your back porch.  If it included straps I'd score it close to perfect.  I feel straps are sort of a no brainer and if you're buying a hammock you'd expect to see them included.

Quality Star Rating: 4